Here are a few things to help you access your digital resources:

eCampus has resolved it’s technical difficulties. For your convenience here are some direct links for ebook access:


    • The link, username, and password for accessing your digital resources are stored in the bookshelf of your eCampus account. If you can’t see your digital resource contact eCampus support at or 844-523-8980.
    • If one of your resources is dark, that just means you have to click it to activate it.
    • The user name for your digital resources is your SM email.
    • The password for your digital resources is NOT your SM password. It is the word Eagles followed by a number. When you click on one of your digital resources, it will display the password (it will also show you the user name and a link to take you to the digital resource site).
    • The eCampus bookshelf is just a place to store your digital resource credentials. You do not need to access it every time you want to access those resources. Once you see your credentials and access the site, bookmark it. After that, you can go directly to the site by clicking your bookmark.